Damian C. Lidgard, PhD


PhD Zoology
Universite de la Rochelle, France; Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

Thesis: Intraspecific variation in male mating behaviour in the grey seal: linking phenotype, behaviour and success

I examined the influence of physical, physiological and behavioural traits on variation in reproductive behaviour and success in the male grey seal, Sable Island, NS. Large body size provided an energetic advantage of greater endurance during the breeding season and may have contributed toward greater competitive ability and success. Alternative mating tactics in the grey seal have important implications for the pattern of gene flow and for the opportunity of sexual selection.


MSc Zoology
University College Cork, Ireland

Thesis: Population ecology of the grey seal in east and south-east Ireland
Collected and analysed population survey and photographic-id data to determine the population size and distribution of grey seals on the east and south-east coasts of Ireland.


MSc Environmental Science
University of Aberdeen, Scotland

Thesis: Mother-pup behavioural changes in the harbour seal during the lactation period


BSc Applied Zoology, Hons.
University of Reading, England

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Other Qualifications

For the field

Standard first aid course and CPR

Certification for "Introduction to the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals" and "The Care and Use of Wildlife"

Irish Navy Advanced Powerboat Handling Course & Sea Survival Course