Damian C. Lidgard, PhD

Research Associate
Instructor – SEASIDE Field Studies of Marine Mammals
Instructor – Marine Mammalogy

Department of Biology
Dalhousie University
Office: 4087
Phone: 1 902 494 2564

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Curriculum Vitae


Damian Lidgard graduated from the University of Reading in 1990 with an Honours in Applied Zoology. In 1993 he achieved an MSc in Environmental Science from the University of Aberdeen, and founded his interest in the ecology of marine mammals. For the following six years, Damian worked as a research assistant on various marine mammal projects in North America, Ireland and the UK before starting his PhD on the reproductive ecology of the male grey seal with the Smithsonian Institution and Université de la Rochelle, France. He pursued this interest further at the Sea Mammal Research Unit, Scotland before emigrating to Canada in 2005. Since 2009 Damian has been working as a research associate with the Ocean Tracking Network at Dalhousie University where he is examining the foraging ecology of grey seals using satellite and acoustic telemetry. He is also an instructor for two marine mammal ecology courses. Besides science, Damian has a keen interest in photography and is a professional sommelier.


Université de la Rochelle, France
Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

PhD Zoology

National University of Cork, Ireland
MSc Zoology

University of Aberdeen, UK
MSc Environmental Science

University of Reading, UK
BSc Applied Zoology, Honours


Dalhousie University, Canada
Research Associate, Ocean Tracking Network

Academic Instructor, Dept. Biology

University of St. Andrews, UK
Postdoctoral Fellow, Sea Mammal Research Unit


Smithsonian Institution
2001 Pre-doctorate Fellowship ($30K)
1999 Visiting Scholar ($30K)
1999 Graduate Fellowship ($3K)